It is a group of students having deep concerns over castist biases of 'Indian' Media & Academia on Social Justice and Equal Opportunity particularly on caste-based reservations. Students from any caste/gender/region can join us. We are clear that it is not mere SC/ST or OBC issue. Any student, genuinely, against caste system can join us. We also seek support from our professionals, intellectuals, workers, and wage earners. Email us at with phone numbers and addresses.


The name of the group has its origin in one of the placards of protesting castist doctors claiming"OUR COUNTRY HAS DISOWNED US". In ‘their’ Nation/Country there is no place for non-dwijas (or SC/ST/OBC) people. Reservation for them is not mere number of seats assigned to underprivileged but a claim of these downtrodden masses into 'their' Nation. In fact by protesting against reservation they are opposing this claim of underprivileged. For us also Reservation is not matter of few jobs or seats in educational institutions. It is claiming of our share in Nation that has been denied historically to us. This is NOT their country only. But it is also OUR country, OUR Nation. We claim it as ours for the simple reason that it is we who create wealth for the Nation by tilling fields, mining minerals. It is we who build roads, bridges, and machinery with our bare hands. THEY are parasites eating off from OUR sweat and blood.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We Demand White Paper On Reservation

Dear Anoop and Friends,

We have formed a group of students called CONCERN and are bringing out posters etc informing students about the reality of anti-reservation debates. We from CONCERN are planning to arrange a panel discussion on the same issue by this month end. Since much of the population here in IISc is of brahmins and banias, you can expect the same kind of attitude on the issue of reservations as it is seen in AIIMS like institutions. And I fully agree with your plan to organise demonstrations in favour of reservation and condemning the strikes by doctors. The very fact that all the doctors and the IMA are against reservation proves that the medical,engineering professions are dominated by brahmin-baniyas, which makes the reservation for SC/ST/OBC in these professions more necessary. I came to know that students from IITs are also planning to join the protests againstreservation. And as you mentioned that our brothers and sisters in these institutionslike AIIMS are being forced to give statements in media that they are opposed to reservations. Last night they showed a guy from some medicalcollege in Delhi, who was saying that he belongs to OBC community and hecame through open competition and that OBCs do not need the "baisaakhi" of reservations. Obviously such students are speaking under pressure and they need our support. And certainly yes, while this issue is creating a turmoil, this is the high time, we ask for a white paper from the govt. on the state of reservation in the country - how much it has benefited the oppressed communities, what are the loop holes in it etc. People are not informed about the benefits of reservation policy, and this is one of the reasons that they oppose reservations.

Indian Institute of Sciences, Banglore


Blogger Manuski: Humanism for all said...

Yes, we must demand a white paper on reservation. Today, these upper caste thugs are claim that reservation has not benefittied the Dalits ? If that is true then who is resonsible for non implementation of quota in our services?

The government should not succumb to such blatant blackmail of uppper caste doctors but what can we do. Their father of nation told them to do so. He did so by forcing Ambedkar to sign Poona Pact.

India has to tell the world community about what is the effectiveness of its affirmative programme. How many Dalits/OBCs/ Tribals are in our media.. The slanderous campaign in the media has to be exposed.

You can also visit my weblog

Please spread message and unite. The country cannot be held ransom at the hands of a few north Indian brahmins-banias. If the Christian nurses of hospital goes on strike for the cause of Dalit christian or against the violence against christian, can Indian medicos survive ? If the valmikis of India decide that they would not go for their traditional occupation, a complete strike against the humiliation heaped by these illiterate doctors, can India move ? Let all of us also resume such tactics.

And finally, the more protest these people do, more should Dalit bahujan come together. I know there are mails that Dalits have nothing to do with this reservation. Be careful about such. The upper castes want a complete removal of reservation. It is time the backwards also understand that they should not become policemen of upper castes but come under the leadership of Dalits. Bahujan have to come under the dynamism of Dalits and follow Ambedkarian path. There is no other alternative. Come, unite and win this democratic battle.. The more blackmail they do in the Indraparastha, you retailiate it with more vigoriously participating in democracy.

In solidarity,

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

May 19, 2006 3:03 AM  

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