It is a group of students having deep concerns over castist biases of 'Indian' Media & Academia on Social Justice and Equal Opportunity particularly on caste-based reservations. Students from any caste/gender/region can join us. We are clear that it is not mere SC/ST or OBC issue. Any student, genuinely, against caste system can join us. We also seek support from our professionals, intellectuals, workers, and wage earners. Email us at with phone numbers and addresses.


The name of the group has its origin in one of the placards of protesting castist doctors claiming"OUR COUNTRY HAS DISOWNED US". In ‘their’ Nation/Country there is no place for non-dwijas (or SC/ST/OBC) people. Reservation for them is not mere number of seats assigned to underprivileged but a claim of these downtrodden masses into 'their' Nation. In fact by protesting against reservation they are opposing this claim of underprivileged. For us also Reservation is not matter of few jobs or seats in educational institutions. It is claiming of our share in Nation that has been denied historically to us. This is NOT their country only. But it is also OUR country, OUR Nation. We claim it as ours for the simple reason that it is we who create wealth for the Nation by tilling fields, mining minerals. It is we who build roads, bridges, and machinery with our bare hands. THEY are parasites eating off from OUR sweat and blood.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jai Bhim Friends,

Anoop raise the very serious issue infront of us.As we can't sit as mute spectator.Today professions like medical and engineering which was taken as wheel of country went for strike. It was henious crime commited by the so called doctors. This is my request to all my dalit medicos that not only to protest against these people, but also put non cooperation to them in all sphere of life. If these people were against reservation, it means that these people are against humanity. I also request to all of you, try to stop buying castist news papers like TOI so we can cut down circulation of such stupid newspaper. I already started from today, you do so.
Jayant Biswas, IIFM, Bhopal