It is a group of students having deep concerns over castist biases of 'Indian' Media & Academia on Social Justice and Equal Opportunity particularly on caste-based reservations. Students from any caste/gender/region can join us. We are clear that it is not mere SC/ST or OBC issue. Any student, genuinely, against caste system can join us. We also seek support from our professionals, intellectuals, workers, and wage earners. Email us at with phone numbers and addresses.


The name of the group has its origin in one of the placards of protesting castist doctors claiming"OUR COUNTRY HAS DISOWNED US". In ‘their’ Nation/Country there is no place for non-dwijas (or SC/ST/OBC) people. Reservation for them is not mere number of seats assigned to underprivileged but a claim of these downtrodden masses into 'their' Nation. In fact by protesting against reservation they are opposing this claim of underprivileged. For us also Reservation is not matter of few jobs or seats in educational institutions. It is claiming of our share in Nation that has been denied historically to us. This is NOT their country only. But it is also OUR country, OUR Nation. We claim it as ours for the simple reason that it is we who create wealth for the Nation by tilling fields, mining minerals. It is we who build roads, bridges, and machinery with our bare hands. THEY are parasites eating off from OUR sweat and blood.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Since Indian government has come out with the proposal of reserving 27 percent of the seats in central educational institutions for OBCs we are witnessing a hate campaign against Dalits and backwards being initiated by Indian media. Instead of analytical reports on merit and demerits of reservation to OBCs they are targeting Dalits, backwards and branding them as inefficient, merit less parasites. They are publishing cartoons, articles, editorials insulting to the most productive sections of the society-the real wealth creator of this country.

The media is also giving hype to few medical students protesting against reservation and trying to project as if the whole country will burn if the reservation proposal is implemented.

On the other side these doctors are blackmailing whole country and trying to turn the wheels backward and to keep intact their privileges of being born in ‘merited’ castes.

Have we ever thought why doctors are only on streets protesting against reservation?

It is because they know that sabotaging the medical facilities can make big impact and can hold the entire country on ransom by going on strike. They also knew that only poors (mostly from underprivileged castes, tribes) flock to government hospitals to get treatment whereas their kith and kin avail private medical facilities. They also knew that being an elite institution how important is to keep medical colleges a monopoly of brahmin-bania combine. It is advantageous for them to monopolize medical colleges so as to able to loot the wealth of the country. If students from underprivileged people become doctors they won’t be able to mint money by exploiting masses that consider these meritorious doctors as god.

Now the question arises whether we will let them to do whatever they want to do. Whether we will remain mute spectator to the blackmail of few doctors and let media keep calling us merit less, inefficient parasites. Or we will protest.

We MUST protest

1. against media’s handling on the issue of reservation
2. against blackmail of doctors
3. against Indian accademia’s golden silence
4. against government faulty implementation of reservation policy
5. against total black out of caste issues in syllabuses
6. against people like Sam Pitrodas, Andre Bettiles who are considered to be custodians of Knowledge in India.

We MUST protest

1. for Reservation is our claim of being a equal part of the nation
2. for Reservation is the only policy till now that is an antidote to caste system
3. for Reservation has brought millions of people in mainstream. Gave millions of people some human dignity.
4. for Reservation is our right not a favour.
5. for Reservation is bringing the real prosperity in the country as it has increased the purchasing power of the under privileged and that is creating scope for more industrialization

And most importantly we must protest

1. because we all are product of Reservation Policy. Without which we would have been cleaning shoes, carrying dead animals, doing menial jobs without any hope for our next generation. Reservation has provided the strength to fight for our dignity. Now no upper caste dares to touch us openly.

2. And we must protest so as all under privileged should get benefit of reservation and claim their right on this nation.

3. And we must also protest because we want to give our next generation more better future. This can only be done by claiming our right in the national resources in what ever forms.


Blogger uandi said...

i agree with the need to protest. it is important. if we observe the protests of teh anti-reservation doctors and students, there was small time gap in which much organisation and thought went into how to protest. There is a need for everyone to think on teh lines of organisation. this does not only mean attending protests. it means thinking of organisations and groups that u know. student unions, professional bodies, ngos, small(or big) political parties. having identified these groups, one shoul try and build pressure on them to protest. there is no need to hold massive protests, though these are the best. the key is effective protests. 50 people outside a hospital, 20 people at a main traffic junction even for ten min. stick small computer printed or handwritten pamphlets in buses or other places where people queue up. take responsibility and become the centre for organisation in your city. all the while co-ordinate with national level efforts to orgnaise largescale protests. before every protest make sure u call the media :). all numbers of the reporting desk are printed at the last page of every newspaper.

if we look at vivek's comment we can see that the media is unwilling to acknowledge pro-reservation voices. if you are unable to ensure that reporters you know attened the protests, then protest in front of the newspaper offices. each city has a press club. it is cheap to book. book it for 1 hour and hold a programme where three major figures talk about reservation. in the press invites metion some famous names it doesn't matter if they do not actually come as long as the reporters come. it may also be possible to hold protests opposite where striking doctors are holding protests, with placards that expose the idiocy of their placards. there are a million ways. just do it.

most important is not to loose steam. some protests won't be covered in the media. such is life. that is no reason not to protest.

May 16, 2006 4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you.

People like you need reservations.People like you are completely useless without reservation and would be good for nothing except polishing shoes without reservation.

May 24, 2006 7:28 AM  

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